Cpl. Holly A. Charette Scholarship Fund

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2016 Run for Holly

We are gathering how many riders attended and everyone that helped the day of and before. We will start putting thank you outs to everyone who did. For the time being, if you have videos and/or pictures from the run. Send them to me and i will post on here accordingly. Thank you so much for everyone who has helped in any forms this year and past years. Without you this run would not run as smoothly as it does

I want to thank all our sponsors for the 2016 Run for Holly, the businesses who took the time to donate gift bags, gift cards, chaps, vest, t-shirts. To Matt Kettle who spent the hours building the Punisher Chair and being kind enough to raffle it off. To the Crowne Plaza for letting us hold the end portion of our motorcycle run at the Pavilion. To Peggy Oliver and her staff at the Crowne Plaza for setting up, and helping us with our ever need.

To the many motorcycle clubs and associations and I am sorry if i miss any. The Jarheads, Leathernecks (RI & MA), CMA, Legion Riders, Rolling Thunder, the Patriot Guard Riders (please message me so i can add and again I am sorry if i didnt mention)

To everyone who rode in the motorcycle run and enjoyed the beautiful day and the ride throughout rhode island

To the committee members spending countless months getting this amazing event together and run smoothly and flawlessly as possible.

Without everyone who participates, volunteers, is part of our committee,donates, sponsors and helps in anyway


Until next year

2014 Run for Holly

For those that participated at this years motorcycle run and did not get a T-shirt, a date/time/place has been set up so you can come down and get your shirt

Crowne Plaza in Warwick. Where the motorcycle run ended. In the parking lot. You will see a truck with the Run for Holly flag

Saturday, November 1st from 10am to 2 pm

If you can make it here to get your t-shirt, we hope to see you there.

IF YOU CANNOT, come for any reason. Please contact me at my e-mail ([email protected]), Ed & Regina Roberts([email protected]) and we wlll make accommodations for you to get your t-shirt to you.

Again, thank you for not only participation in this amazing event but your patience. Hope to see you all there getting your t-shirt


To the riders who rode in this beautiful run, sponsors, companies or people who donated. The committee members who spent countless hours. Posting flyers all over RI and having word spread. There is no part that did not help in any way, shape or form. Without that, this day could of never went so smoothly.

Also, unfortunately this year. An accident involving 2 police escorts and a rider(s) happened near the start. No serious injuries were reported. Ed and Regina Roberts, the Cpl. Holly Charette Scholarship Fund Committee, all those that participated. We hope the injuries you did sustain heal quickly. We are very sorry for this happening, and hope in the future it doesn't happen again.

572 RIDERS participated this year. Our biggest turnout since we started this run 5 years ago. As with prior years we started at the Rolfe Square Post Office dedicated to Holly. Where new, and old faces came to show there amazing support in honor of Holly. We have gone from rainy weather to absolute perfect weather. We can not say thank you enough for participating, supporting, keeping Holly's Spirit alive, and also showing she will never be forgotten.

For those, that registered and didn't receive a t-shirt. We will be ordering shirts shortly. We will contact you through the information you provided on the waiver form. Thank you for participating, and patience.

Also, for those that would like to view the photos of this years run. Please go on Holly's facebook page to do so. Currently in the process to get them here on this site for all to view. Thank you again for your patience.

2012 Cpl. Holly Charette Motorcycle Run

Sunday, September 30, 2012

From the Cpl. Holly Charette Scholarship Foundation Committee members to ALL that attended this years Run for Holly. We would like to thank you for braving the cold rain to make this event another successful Motorcycle Run. 167 riders braved the rain, 400+ attended the dinner at Crowne Plaza to relax, eat dinner, enjoy the raffles, make new memories, share old ones, and make new friends. Not only to the attendees but our sponsors, and the men & ladies that spent countless hours putting together a spectacular event go on rain or shine. I hope everyone who attended, either at the Run or dinner join us next year to create more memories.

LIve, Love, Laugh

If you ordered a shirt at the Bike Run because we didn't have your size, and want to know how you can receive, please contact the below contacts and we surely will get your shirts to you

Eddy&Reginia Roberts: 401-615-9265 OR email them at [email protected]


2011 Run for Holly

Another great year filled with new memories, and sharing old. Great weather all around. The Cpl. Holly A. Charette Scholarship Foundation and the committee that spent many hours putting this wonderful event together would like to THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for ALL that sponsored, attended, volunteered, and spent countless hours making this years Run for Holly a great success. Another year to come celebrate Holly and keep her spirit alive. God Bless

Live, Love, Laugh


This years bike run was amazing. Total counts of how many people on the run, and dinner will be included when the numbers are in front of me. This for right now is a general thank you to all sponsors, participants, volunteers, committee members. Everyone that helped tremendously to even a little. I will get all the thank you's posted as soon as i can. For now i can post videos that were posted either on youtube or flipshare. Photo's will be posted when we can acquire a great chunk. Come back soon!!!!



The Cpl Holly Charette Motorcycle Run went on as planned. 77 riders showed up to participate and show there support. As the hours before 10am rolled on brave souls came showing there support for disregard of the weather.

The Run started out at The Rolfe Square Post Office in Cranston, which was dedicated to Holly on October 15, 2006. We had Cranston Mayor Fung and Retired Marine Adjunct General Centracchio speak words to all riders before The Run for Holly got underway. 10:00 am rolled around and all brave riders poured out of the post office following Ed & Regina Roberts in their truck flying an American Flag. They were followed by a Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association motorcycle that flew both the American and The Run for Holly flag. They headed to Veteran's Cemetery where all gathered for words from a member of the Christian Motorcycle Association. Also, TAPS were played, and colors were presented by The Kent County Marine Corp League. From Veterans the group of supporters headed to Scarborough Beach. The weather there was inclement, so only a few minutes were spent there. Everyone got back on their bikes and some in cars to make the final stop to the Cranston Country Club where dinner, raffles, memories, and good times would be shared.

As Ed & Regina made there way into the Country Club with there now soaked supporters followed. They were congratulated on ending the Bike Run portion of the day and into the night to share memories with all that attended. There a DJ played music, pictures were set up showing Holly and her never-ending smile. A Stroke of Kindness and Remember Us were played throughout the evening. There were made, and aired on NECN. Also, the warm atmosphere took in all riders that went through rain and wind to show everyone that passed them on the roads or highways that Holly Charette will never be forgotten. Raffles, a silent auction and more importantly dinner/dessert were served throughout the evening. As the night rolled on memories, new and old, were shared. It comes to show that even though the weather is bad, Holly is never forgotten. She lives on through all of us.


Everyone that came out on a rainy Sunday to remember Holly for all the memories we know and many more that will be made throughout the years.

Cheryl Vandermost/David Lima/ Barbara Dardine from the Patriot Guard Riders for there help organizing the bikes entering/exiting each stop made throughout the run.

All Combat Vets/Andy Martel/Mike Delmazzi/Popey for beads/corsage given,reading the proclamation making September 27th Gold Star Mothers and Family Day, and also helping with directing riders from each stop.

Ray Jackson of the C.M.A (Christian Motorcycle Association) for the prayer at Veterans Memorial Cemetery

Mike Jackson for playing TAPS.

Kent County Marine Corp. League Honor Guard for presenting colors

All sponsors and companies that gave this bike run amazing raffles items or donations to the Scholarship Fund

ALL committee members that spend months planning, and making this event run smoothly with every turn and twist. Without them the run would of never started in the first place.


All money that was raised went to the Cpl. Holly Charette Scholarship Fund. The dinner where 2 recipients will be awarded the scholarship with be held October 10, 2009 at the Fireman's Hall in East Greenwich. Info on this event is located on the Scholarship Dinner page. Check it out for ticket prices, times, and information regarding sponsorship/donating/ticket price.